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“Life should not be considered a journey because the end is not the primary goal.” – Alan Watts

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This website has the primordial intention of compiling my work. It’s also a form of sharing my art and insights about what I’ve learned in this life.

The primary goal is to grow. Self-improvement is a process of reaching insight through reflexive observation; growth can be achieved by applying such insights. Life is a gift, the journey is to find the primary goal and apply it.

May you enjoy your time here and find some useful thing to reflect on.

Teach me how to be a student,

Show the wonders of this world

Let me dwell in them, and love them




Poetry – all my published poems, some of them from All Poetry and Tumblr

Photography – some of my curated photos, the ones I like the most, and a bit of the history behind them. *coming soon*

Updates – from time to time I’ll let you know what I’m up to. I also have hibernation periods, so this is how you will know I’m still alive.

Thoughts – realizations of my mind rather than a poem, I tend to overthink and write poetry to deal with life.

Previews – previews of finished, and unfinished, works that aren’t available “officially” yet. *coming soon*

About *coming soon*: Currently organizing the website so I can put out some stuff.

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